Photo on 9-11-13 at 7.35 PM #5Hello

I started this blog because of all the negativity circulating the web.  We have set the standard of ‘beauty’ so high that it has formed insecurities and self doubt.  I wanted to show women and girls that what we might see as our biggest flaw may actually be one of our strongest features.  It’s taken me a long time to be able to accept my prominent nose, sparse eyelashes, and acne scars.  Eventually I realized that I didn’t want to look exactly like those models on a billboard.  I didn’t want my face to be one that is stereotypical or easily forgotten.  I am uniquely beautiful and I LOVE it!

We all have the potential to look our very best every day no matter where we might be going.  Wearing pajama pants, booty shorts, or house shoes anywhere (even Walmart) won’t help you feel good about yourself or cause anyone to take notice of you for the right reasons.  Put thought into how you dress and how you present yourself to others.  It will affect your life in more ways than one, and first impressions can make or break a job opportunity or a relationship.  Do not dress for the validation of others, dress for yourself!  Wear what makes you look good and feel amazing.  If it makes you feel like you can do anything, put it on and wear it like it’s nobody’s business!  Your smile is your greatest accessory – wear it proudly and show it off!

I hope that you enjoy my blog and start looking at yourself with a proud confidence.  Know that you can do anything and be anyone!  Never let anyone dull your sparkle.



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