For the Beauty of the Earth

I’m sitting here with my grandma at the edge of a small farm where my siblings take horseback riding. The sun is just beginning to set, bathing the grassy hills in golden light and I can’t help but feel extraordinarily thankful to be spending my evening in this lovely spot.


As we go about our day, we tend to take notice of spontaneous rainbows or the vibrant color of the sky. We value the beauty that we see in surrounding architecture, nature, landmarks, etc. How often do we take time to admire the beauty in ourselves?


When I look in the mirror, my instinct is to point out the flaws that I see in myself. When do we ever give ourselves a true, sincere compliment? Let’s make an effort to take more time to notice the wonderful little things that make us who we are. The dimple that shows when you smile, the freckles that pepper your nose and cheeks, the shape of your lips, your stunning smile! Appreciate the fact that your eye color and shape is perfectly unique, whatever hue it may be.
We are all part of the beauty of the earth.



Be sure to check for grammatical errors! :)

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