Change the Way You Look…at Yourself

Happy Monday everyone!  I have not posted in OVER 4 MONTHS.  So sorry; I promise to be more post regularly (New Years Resolution Number 5) and really get things going!  Hopefully this post will make up for my absence.

It’s been unnaturally cold here in Kansas City, so I spent my weekend curled up underneath layers of warm blankets, sipping Hot Chocolate, and spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  As I was scrolling through my feed on various websites, I noticed a bunch of Selfies.  Facebook, twitter, and Instagram were all teeming with a collage of beautiful, unique faces.  Unfortunately, many of them were paired with the caption “Ugh no makeup :(” or “like if you think i’m pretty.”  Other adjectives such as “gross”, “fat”, and “ugly” kept popping up.  I don’t think we realize how much we rely on the opinion and approval of others; our society has been based on a certain image that is promoted by the need for beauty confirmation.

We need to realize that we don’t all need to look the same to be beautiful and that is a good thing.  Is Megan Fox beautiful?  Of course!  Are you any less gorgeous simply because your face is a different shape, your hair is a different color, and you wear jeans a size bigger than a zero?  Of course NOT!

Allow me to make an analogy; when you go to an art museum, are all the paintings the same?  Is every sculpture identical?  Is Contemporary Art any more intriguing or stunning than Abstract?

  We are all a work of art and the world is our gallery.

     One of my friends posted a link to her Facebook page of a video done by Dove called “This Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Selfies” and it’s a GREAT concept.  I hope that this week you all take the time to look in the mirror and find the beauty rather than the flaws.


Be sure to check for grammatical errors! :)

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