Fashion + Comfort = …

Sweatshirts!  And no, I’m not talking about that one hoodie that we’ve all got in our closets that’s so picked and threadbare it’s practically sheer, yet we just can’t seem to get rid of.  I’m talking about embellished, animal printed, embroidered, and color blocked sweatshirts that you can wear anywhere!  I’m loving this combo of ease, style, and (best of all) affordability!  Another perk is that they look great on all shapes and sizes.  I may just end up buying all sweatshirts for my winter wardrobe!

These first two are some of my favorites; I just love the patterns, and the detailing is intricate but minimal, so it doesn’t feel overbearing or excessive.  One (or both) of these just might end up in my own closet!

TribalBeadedSweatshirt$28.00 beadedSweatshirtTarget$22.99

left to right:  Tribal Print Sweatshirt; $28.00 at,  Beaded Sweatshirt; $23.00 at


These three have a lighter and more feminine feel.  I’m especially loving the gold metallic polka dots and cheerful red lettering on the two Old Navy sweatshirts.  For me, the best part about the lace sweatshirt is that the front isn’t sheer! 

$17.80Lacy OverlaySweatshirtHellothereON$20.00GoldPolkaDotsON$15.00

left to right:  Lacy Overlay Sweatshirt; $17.80 at,  ‘Hello There’ Sweatshirt; $20.00 at,  Polka Dot Sweatshirt in Gold; $15.00 at


Animal Prints, aside from being in this season, are funky, diverse, and fun!  There are so many options out there!  These three sweatshirts put an exciting spin on a classic print.


from left to right: Big Cat Jaguar Sweatshirt; $19.80, Crochet Tiger Sweatshirt; $24.00, Cheetah Print Sweatshirt;$19.80 at


I love the unique uses of Plaid this season!  Incorporating it into a sweatshirt? Genius.

$22.80 PlaidPulloverPlaidSweatshirt$20.00

left to right:  Plaid Pullover; $22.80,  Bold Plaid Sweatshirt; $20.00 at


These stud-embellished sweatshirts are, well…studdly!  I’m falling for the studded polka dot pattern.


from left to right: Studded Sweatshirt; $20.00 at,  Studded Raglan Sweatshirt in Black; $22.80 at 


from left to right: French Terry Studded Polka Dot Sweatshirt; $22.80,  Pink Studded Sweatshirt; $29.80 at


And last but not least, try rocking a bold graphic print!  The navy blue sweatshirt on the far right is from Sevenly, the organization I mentioned in my last post.  Any of these three looks are a great way to grab attention!


from left to right: Floral Sweatshirt; $22.99 at,  Graphic Sweatshirt; $22.99 at, Be The Change Raglan Sweatshirt; $48.00 at


BONUS!  If you’re more of a DIY-er and have a great colorful sweatshirt that’s in dire need of an update, check out this tutorial!  (Link Below)


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Never let anyone dull your sparkle.


Be sure to check for grammatical errors! :)

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